Corporate Wellness

We know that the health of your employees and contractors is key to the success of your business. What better way to protect your most valuable asset than to ensure the health of your workers while reducing your liability due to drug and alcohol use as well as unmentioned health concerns? Preventive and routine testing is crucial…...Read More

Blood Interpretation

This program provides the most comprehensive scientifically documented computer interpreted laboratory package available. The program calculates data from over 70 blood tests including a standard multi-channel 24 blood profile, CBC with differential, thyroid survey (T3,T4,T7), HDL risk factor computation, coagulation time and hemoglobin A1-C;ESR and magnesium then, interprets and prints the analysis in minutes, providing you…...Read More

Health Questionnaire

This detailed, historical survey, provides you, an in-depth detailed HISTORY with suggested nutritional therapy. The program generates a printout of the positive responses from a form of 249 carefully selected questions embracing 15 separate body systems and categories. Diagnostic prompts, therapy recommendations and scientifically documented nutritional therapy suggestions are made to assist you and your practitioner…...Read More