Chief Labs does not share any of your personal health information with any third party. It is imperative that your personal health information is always protected in this way in order to shield yourself from many third parties such as employers, marketers, and insurance companies. As a Chief Labs customer, you own your personal health information. You are the only person who may access or distribute this information.

Chief Labs works diligently to provide you with a secure login environment. We have created a secure transaction framework along with secure and private results reporting in order to provide you with the most private and secure laboratory testing experience possible.

Chief Labs does not report or release your results to any third party or government agency. We do not report or release your information to the Medical Information Bureau. The Medical Information Bureau, MIB, is a national database comprised of over 500 American and Canadian insurance companies that provide fraud protection to the insurance industry. When you order laboratory testing, or any other health related activity through your insurance, it may show up in your MIB file. While your medical records with your doctor are private, when you apply for new insurance coverage or policy changes, the insurance company will request your medical record to determine your eligibility. What this means to you is that everything you share with your doctor is potentially accessible to your insurer, employer, and other third parties. With this knowledge, it is important to ask yourself if you want to use your insurance to pay for laboratory testing. Most often, insurance deductibles are so high that the cost to order laboratory testing through your insurance is not the best use of your financial resources. Chief Labs is here to protect your personal health information and reduce your out of pocket laboratory testing costs.